Update Problem from 6.27.5

Hallo, we use an own server and host erpnext in following version:
ERPNext: v6.27.5
Frappe Framework: v6.27.4

We want to use the newest Version - but un update is not working.

is there a plan or path, hor to migrate existing data from this old version into the new one?
Thanks a lot
Best Regards

paste the complete tracelog of the update to show what is not working.

Here is the threat with the open ticket …

Hallo again,
that is really sad, that there is no chance to use the system any longer, to get the value added in the period we used it.
But if we now have to crash the system, because there is no chance to update it, we need to stop using and promoting it.i dont have any trust, basically put my company-workflow into a software, wich i cannot update.

I would really be happy, if anyone of the community or the frappe-company has an idea, can give a little support, so that we can use erpnext for us - and for customers in the future.

thanks a lot and with best regards

“i am also interested about this bug, any suggestions? Anybody of the frappe members, who can help?”

Frank without specific details as @felix requested, your claim of little support has no merit