Update process suggestion

i would realy like to know the opinion of the core team that i know on this forum @rmehta @yashodhan
i am using erpnext from more than a year and recently saw some very good improvements in the version 7. you people are doing a great job and the community is very help full i would say if you have some issue you will be pointed to right direction. But recently upgrading from 6 to 7 was very difficult to achieve for most of community members. The same thing i see to perform the bench update to 7.1. i can see a lot of posts from the community right now regarding some issues with update. Also it is hard for the core team to reply to each post on time.

i would like to suggest upon times like this the core team should make sticky post on how to update from the old version to the current version. they should mention the common problems one might face and how to deal with it. and combine all the information in one post regarding the major update. it will save a lot of time and effort and it will be a relief to our keyboards and yours also :slight_smile: … thanks



Thanks for your kind suggestion. Indeed we can do better on this front.

@nabinhait let’s assign this as a task to someone from the next big release onwards.

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