Update Quotation Price for a Bundle Item from the Price list

I setup a Bundle of Items for a Water Tank consist of “Wall Side Panels, Roof Panels, …etc” and I setup a many price lists for the items in the bundle.
in the Selling settings I checked “Calculate Product Bundle Price based on Child Items’ Rates”.
When I issue a new Quotation for the bundle Item and I select the desired price list, I get the correct price for the bundle form the single items. I hit on save and I get everything correct.
But before I submit the quotation, and whenever I change the price list, unfortunately the price of the bundle will never get changed, it will stay only on the first selected price list.

for the normal items without bundle, prices get updated accordingly with the updated price list, but for the bundle, price will not get updated, I have to delete the quotation completely and create a new quotation to get the correct price.
is this a bug or what shall I do?
Please see the attached screenshots.
Thank you very much.