Update Selling Prices by With Effective (wef) Date

If I know that I want to change the selling price of a particular item on a particular date in the future, can I specify a new price and ‘with effective date’ for that item? That way it happens automatically when the date arrives. Creating a new price list for one item change and having to enable it manually is a lot of work, especially if this scenario happens often.

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Unfortunately this feature is not available out of the box. Please create a github issue for the same.

Found Solution
The functionality I am looking for is available through Pricing Rules:

I created a Pricing Rule in which I can specify a new price for a specific item or group of items and a date range when this will be effective. This Pricing Rule overwrites the prices in the Price List. If the new prices will be permanent, then I don’t specify an end date. This is exactly what I was looking for.