Update site_config.json db_password

Well, somehow I had changed the “db_password” in site_config.json and now I am not able to bench update. Looks like I deleted some characters from the field. How can I create a new site_config.json (or rather create db_password) while keeping the current database intact.

Any suggestions, please.

Hi @kxt5258,

whenever frappe framework creates new site it will randomly assigns the password to database user,
So, I don’t think the old password can be recovered.

But you can update the Database user password and update the site_config.json manually.
To update the database password using
SET PASSWORD FOR 'db_name'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('any-string-as-password');

please refer mysql - Change DB User PWD or cyberciti - Change DB User PWD

Once you updated the password then update the site_config.json db_password value with any-string-as-password

Please take the database backup first, Hope this will help.



@makarand_b thanks so much. That was it!