Update Status After Insert On Child Table

Hi Guys, i have some problem on updating status item,

my case :
I Have 2 Parent Doctype :

  1. Order
  2. Picker Assignment ( that have child table name picker assignment line)
    and child table picker assignment line is link to Order .

when i make picker assignment , i should insert order item that have status Ready to pickup to child table picker assignment line. when i save the assignment i want to change order item status from Ready to pickup >> On Process in Order Doctype .im already looking solution for this but no one work on my case

can you help me sir @vrms thanks

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come on! a little bit of a context would certainly help

im sorry about this , already edited post

thanks for adding more info. I am sure this makes it more likely anyone can provide help. I can’t, because I have not insight in that aspect at all.


when i save the assignment => make trigger (hook or js event)

i want to change order item status => create api or js update status of Order Item.