Update Tax ID after Submit

Hello All,

I’m sure that this is a common situation but I cannot find a work around on the forum yet.

We have many customers who come back to us, after an initial order, requesting that we add their regional VAT ID to their invoices going forward. This is likely the same case with many other companyies.

I understand that I can create an extra custom field and just insert the data manually, However, it seems clunky and clutter-some to create a custom field where one already exists. The “tax_id” field in the “Customer” record is what is pulled into the SalesOrd and SalesInv automatically at the creation of each of these documents.

How would it create an issue to allow the tax ID to be updated after submitting the Customer for the first time? I don’t see where this data field is used anywhere else in the system that would cause database integrity issues.

Does anyone have an idea of how to enable this change?

However, the Tax ID is already available on the sales transaction.

If you want to change the Tax ID after submitting the document, you can enable the “Allow on Submit” option and remove the read-only option from the property setter.