Update to V11 master; The resource you are looking for is not available

I’ve updated my install from the master branch of V11.

I get a pop-up “Not Found The resource you are looking for is not available” about 8 seconds after I open an Item document.
There is a single log entry in /logs/web.error.log which appears when I press OK on the pop-up.

fatal: Needed a single revision

There are no logs entries created when I open the Item or when the pop-up is created, only when it is cleared.

Any ideas which resource it can’t find?

It’s not just Item pages, it’s also on the Setup pages (System Settings, etc…)

Did you follow the instructions:

You must have the patience of a saint…

I had followed nearly all the instructions, but not the final clearing my browser cache. I was so focused on the server side of things I forgot the client! Ctrl+Shift+R

Thank you!

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