Update Valuation Rate

On row 5, on 2022-03-03, there was a Stock Recon created to add 1167 qty of item, but an error was made - the unit rate was set to $34 instead of $0.34.
We are using Moving Average valuation so the whole inventory valuation for this item was set to $2.8029.

To fix this, i didn’t want to cancel the Stock Recon as it included many other items.
So I created a new Stock Recon, in which I added all batches of the item, don’t update qty, and set the unit rate to 0.34.

However, you can see on the row 15, the resulting valuation rate is now $1.1341 instead of $0.34.
I believe this is because average rate is recalculated on each batch outbound/inbound transaction, instead of considering the Stock Recon as a whole…

So this didn’t work… how would you proceed to fix the valuation rate ?

Anyone can help ?