[updated] ERPNext Leaderboard

:tada::tada:We’re excited to announce that ERPNEXT has new Leaderboard :gift::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:.
Now you can track leaderboard analysis based on multiple companies in ERPNext.

We have Five entity Customer, Item, Supplier, Sales Person, Sales Partner.
Each entity shows top 10 performers on the graph :trophy::trophy: and top 20 in the listview.:trophy::trophy:
Each entity can filter it based on company, timespan and condition.

:man_dancing: Customer: Top 10 Customer on the graph and Top 20 in list view.
A customer can be filter based on the condition type like Total Sales Amount, Total qty sold to the customer and total outstanding amount.

:man_mechanic: Supplier: Top 10 Supplier on the graph and Top 20 in list view.
A customer can be filter based on the condition type like Total Purchase Amount, Total qty Purchased from the supplier and total outstanding amount.


:takeout_box::takeout_box: Item:
An item can be filter based on total sales amount, total qty sold, total purchase amount, total qty purchased etc.

:woman_office_worker::woman_office_worker: Sales Partner:
It is filter based on total commission and total sales amount which values fetch from sales order.

:man_office_worker::man_office_worker: Sales Person:
Sales Person filter based on the total sales amount of sales order.

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Only one observation, it’s seems that various texts and filters aren’t translatable.
We can contribute in https://translate.erpnext.com/ as always do, but the content must be able to translate.

Btw, there is an issue in the translation portal with momentjs

Uncaught ReferenceError: moment is not defined
    at d (pretty_date.js:7)
    at window.comment_when (pretty_date.js:68)
    at HTMLSpanElement.<anonymous> (view?lang=es:197)
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    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
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    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (website.js:412)


I found the same , the leaderboard is not translatable.
which brings back my doubts about translation logic/structure applied in the whole framework. ( can any body explain it for me, perhaps I can contribute a solution)

I’ve written about it before, and I strongly recommend finding easier and simpler logic.

I noted the same problem and I opened an issue.


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Wow its very exciting and loving this open source program …thank you very much …keep it up… Congrats Erpnext !

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How to resolve this issue.