[Updated] Foundation - By Laws

Dear all,

Here are the draft by-laws for the foundation.

Edit 13-Feb: Just re wrote them from scratch.

Please share your thoughts.


Dear @rmehta ,

I have the following concerns, please help me with them.

  1. Regaring the Leads / Inquiries received from the ERPNext. Are we allowed to talk to them directly to attain the project or we have to go through the ERPNext ??
  2. Once we attain the project, are we supposed to share a percentage of the revenue to the ERPNext for sharing the lead / inquiry or the revenue will be completely for the one who attained the project.
  3. Are the leads / inquiries shared different for individual member and golden members ?
  4. As an member of the Foundation, do we get any other benefits other than priority list on community portal and leads or inquiries shared such as “Developer training” etc ??
  5. Once i become a member, am i allowed to use the term “ERPNext Solutions provider” etc or the same rules applies to Foundation members as well.


@sdqadeer44 sorry missed replying this!

No idea, we will start working on the portal once the new executive committee is formed and will let the committee decide on how to capture, share leads

No there is no requirement

No services planned for the foundation!


Sure, i will update for more updates on the foundation.