Updates in Stock Reconciliation

Hello everyone,

We have released an update for Stock Reconciliation, which will allow you to fix your Stock’s Valuation.

You need to enter Item Code, Warehouse, Quantity, Valuation Rate and the system will create difference entries based on what is the stock in the system on the given date v/s what are the expected values as given in Stock Reconciliation.

If you want to update only the Quantity, leave the Valuation Rate column blank. Similarly, for only updating Valuation Rate, keep the Quantity column blank for that Item Warehouse combination.

When you submit the Stock Reconciliation, you will be able to see the Stock Ledger entries created, by clicking on “Show Stock Ledger”.

We hope that this helps you to fix the Stock Valuation in the system.

We have written automated tests to make sure that the number of errors/bugs are minimum. If you still encounter errors, please let us know. We will fix it on priority.

Anand Doshi.

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