Updating a task belongs to a project from outside the project view

Hello all

When I try to update a task belonging to a project from outside the project view the update is not reflected on the task within the project view.

For example, when I change the task end date, the same old date remains in the project.

Does anyone have an idea?

Possibly if you do a “refresh” on the page you will see the changes. It’s strange but they have a separate table that sits between the task and the project called “project task” and every time you save a change, it syncs this table with the tasks table. when your on the project view and it has the table of tasks listed, your actually seeing the information from the “project tasks” table.

I’ve found quite a few bugs in the project/task setup so that may be one there as well, that the ui doesn’t refresh properly.

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@cjpit Can you report the issues that you’ve encountered here?
This will help us to resolve these faster and make user experience better :wink:

thank you for your reply
You tried to refresh the page but it did not work ,Because the synchronization seems to be going one way,
I try to understand the synchronization mechanism between the two tables, I found the topic talking about it :

Consider doing a script to make syncing work in two directions
But I have not reached a solution yet .

Are there suggestions?

The problem has been resolved
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the solution




I still get the same problem , change in task end date and start date does not reflect in project.

rmehta’s fix BREAKING CHANGE: Remove anti-pattern "Project Task" by rmehta · Pull Request #18059 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub noted here Task loses link to project - #6 by rmehta may help this issue here too.

That fix applies to v12, whether it also will be applied to the master branch for a general update to v11 is the question.