Updating Bench and Apps - Best Practices - Manual Install

Hi all!

I’m running a very “vanilla” version of ERPNext v15 and find that, along with a custom app configured to not change other code, pulled from git, works pretty seamlessly for my needs!

Question about updates. I understand the theory regarding env but not fully. Even though I can’t find it anywhere, wouldn’t it be best practice to always run updates in the env?

bench --site example.com backup --with-files --compress
source ~/frappe-bench/env/bin/activate //activates the env
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade frappe-bench
bench update

deactivate//closes the env

Anything I’m missing or am I screwing myself over updating everything in the env? Is it the best way to ensure I can keep the rest of my VPS updated and have bench in its own playground?