Updating custom app


I am creating a custom app to store custom fields. Once I have made changes in GitHub master, bench update will fetch those changes which is great.

However, that also updates bench/erpnext as well. Is there a quicker way to just update my app? github fetch or do I need to bench update to reflect changes in ERPNext?


If there are only field changes (adding fields/updating current ones) then you would need to do the following:

  • Go to the the app directory (in frappe-bench/apps/custom-app) and pull the changes (git pull)
  • Go back to the frappe-bench directory and run the migrate command: bench migrate (in case of multiple sites, run the command with the site flag: bench --site sitename migrate)
  • bench migrate is the migration script which makes the appropriate changes in the db
  • In case you want to restart all processes, you can do bench restart

Fantastic thank you.

Now that Iv just got to figure out how to actually add a custom field into core doctypes!

Any ideas?

Once Iv got it working il write up a how to and post it here (From app creation to posting to GIT).


Thank you

hi @kennethsequeira i have made changes in frappe-bench/apps/frappe app and now i want the changes to reflect on the site i want thinking of uninstalling frappe app and again install it by using command bench --site site_name uninstall-app frappe but i think it is not allowed to uninstall frappe app , please help me and guide me to the correct path of how to do it

I think what you need just one command:
bench update --apps erpnextxx

it’will update the only app erpnextxx