Updating erpnext videos

Good day to all

It is noticeable that there are videos about ERPNext that are still based on V11. E.g. if one googles
a certain doctype like Item or Purchase Invoice ,then some of the hits contain videos that is still based
on V11.

If one wants to make a contribution in this regard, is there a procedure to upload replacements, for
moderation ?


Good day all

Not sure why I am not getting feedback, but I am determined to make a contribution.
I have therefor created a channel to put the videos. This will allow someone to moderate.

Herewith then a video that I have created about Items.


@Sayali_Yewale @umair

Hi William,

Thanks for your concern.

Firstly, please look for the latest courses in https://frappe.school

In the last year, Frappe School launched 8 new courses, include also included revamping some of the old courses. We are looking forward to revamp old courses in this year.

If you wish to contribute, here are the guidelines following which we also create courses. If you are interested in contributing, please write to us at school@frappe.io

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Thank you @umair for your message. I will contact you.

Good day @umair , U have sent a mail to the indicated email address.


Good day @umair

I have created a demo-site and opened the video-links. I have sent all related info to
the email address you indicated.


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Good day @Sayali_Yewale and @umair

As I indicated, I have created a demo LMS-site on 5 May.
Would you still be interested in looking at that or should I close it down?


Hi @willspenc,

I received an access to the videos created yesterday only. At the first glance, it’s looking nice, and I would love to support you efforts and get it published on the FS. Request your patience so that we can review the videos in detail and give suggestion on specific minutes where some improvements can be done. We can have further communication over email.

Thank you for the feedback @umair and for taking the time.

I shall await your email then.