Updating ERPNext with custom apps present

We would like to add a custom app to ERPNext implementation. While the custom app is being developed, we would like to update ERPNext and frappe as usual. However
bench update
would stop working complaining of uncommitted changes in custom app.

I understand that the process to avoid this issue is to go to

  1. frappe app folder and do a git pull
  2. erpnext app folder and do a git pull
    come to frappe-bench folder and so a
    bench migrate

Is this the best practice or did I miss something. I understand that bench update also updates yarn and does some other housekeeping.

Can someone help to make a list of things to do to update ERPNext in case we have a custom app which is not be git committed.

Would have been great if bench had an option to ignore any custom apps with some flags but I could not find any.

Hi @pkrulz be sure to have your developer_mode switched off and that you only do your changes/customizations in “Form Edit”. You’ll see your changed there in yellow:

If you keep doing this your instance should update fine.

All data stored and changed in custom app should further influence the updating process if the same rule as above is also applied.

Thanks wojosc, however, I believe you did not get my requirement.

I want to create a custom app. It will be a folder next to erpnext in apps and it wont be synced to git of ERPNext. I want to know the best practice to update in such a condition. I am not customising forms in erpnext

Best thing will be to keep on committing code to git when you need to upgrade. Create develop branch and keep pushing code there.

When you feel the code is stable move it to main or version-12 from develop branch.

Other option is, don’t create any git repo at all.

Push your custom app to your git when you want to update ERPNext and Frappe.

I dont own that code of the custom app and cant make it opensource.
How do I avoid creating the git repo

you create closed/privat repos on github or host your own with e.g. gitlab.