Updating field in PO after submitted

I am looking for a way to accomplish “Purchase Order Confirmation” … Basically, I issue a Purchase Order to a supplier. They then reply with a copy of their sales order (SO) which has a confirmation number. I’d like to enter that number into my PO. This way, I can run a report and look for POs that are missing SOs to prevent POs from being missed (due to volume, error, etc). But the PO, once submitted, it cannot have any fields edited. Putting the confirmation in the comments doesn’t help me because I can’t create a report off that.

Any suggestions on a way to add the field to a PO that I can update? Just a text field will do. (hosted version) Thanks!

I checked this on v12 and develop/v13.

There’s a field Order Confirmation No.:

This is available once the Purchase Order is submitted. Since the field is marked as Allow On Submit, the field can be updated after submission.

In general if you need a field to be editable after submission, mark it as Allow On Submit via Customize Form.

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@kennethsequeira Duh, it was there the whole time. I never went back and saw that a new field had appeared. Thanks!