Updating from 13.12.1 to 13.16.1 Docker behind reverse proxy

Hi Every Body,
i am running erp next 13.12.1 and Frappe 13.12.1 on docker behind reverse proxy and it is working perfectly. built it by commenting traefik as descibed :

i am trying to update using instructions here:

Update environment variables ERPNEXT_VERSION and FRAPPE_VERSION

nano .env

Pull new images

docker-compose pull

Restart containers

docker-compose --project-name up -d

but once the images are pulled and containers are built, i cannot access the main page, only getting " 502 bad gateway".

although i didn’t change any thing in the configurations except the version in the .env .

Any Ideas, Help is highly appreciated.

check this comment Docker Swarm And Classic Bench Setup - #16 by revant_one

edit: in case of reverse proxy setup, the new image runs as non root user, it can’t run nginx on port 80, it runs on port 8080. Publish ports accordingly.

Thanks a lot for the info.

I’ve updated the published port, and it worked like charm.

thanks again for the prompt help.

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