Updating from v7.2.14 to the latest sub version (within ver 7)

I only need to update the erpnext within version 7 (I do not need to go for version 8), how I can do this? I tried bench update and after finishing, it gave me a message that I can do bench update --upgrade to reach for version 8. I did not do it because I do not need to reach for version 8. After restarting the machine, I discovered that I am still at v7.2.14 and did not upgraded for newest version of 7. Where is the wrong and what I should do?

You can’t do that using bench update command. For that you need to pull codes from v7.x.x branch for both frappe and erpnext repository. Then you ned to run bench migrate command.

Thanks a lot. And for what we use bench update?

bench update always fetch the latest code

Hi i would like also to install Developer version until V7.2.32 …
How to do this installation and migrate only to V7.2.32 ?


Older versions of bench do not have the migrate sub-command.

I’d like to know what the correct steps are in this situation?

What I did was;

cd /home/erpnext/frappe-bench/apps/frappe ; git fetch ; git checkout v7.x.x
cd /home/erpnext/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext ; git fetch ; git checkout v7.x.x
cd /home/erpnext/frappe-bench
bench update --bench

This seems to have updated my bench command, and updated erpnext & frappe to the latest v7 release. I also now have a bench migrate sub-command.

Are my steps the “right way”, or can you offer some better guidance here.


bench migrate command is there from a long time, seems like you did not update bench from a long time.
I think bench update --bench command will also update frappe and erpnext report along with bench repo. To update only bench use git pull from bench repo. And then try to run bench update --requirements.

After that try to run bench migrate command.

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