Updating leave opening balance onto ERPNext

I want to update Leave Balance - Employee wise Leave Type wise on to ERPNext (v12) before commencing HR module. I am unable to find the way. Can anyone helps me to explain the process please?

For Eg:


I need to update the Last Year carry forward Balance. how?

Hi Prakash,

You can try with the import template:

Column M & N is where you can add the carry forward. But there is a chance that you may not be able to add that in there, because maybe those values need to come from the system (I don’t know). In that case your best bet is to allocate the totals and have a custom field where you record the Carry Forward.

Hope this helps.



Brother, I faced this problem and solved this issue by my own way.

As per your data table “Earned Leave” yearly allocated 12 days. am I right?

if yes than you create more payroll period for previous balance example 78/12= 12+ means 13 years. you allocated yearly “Earn Leaved” for those employee who already have previous balance.

You can use excel template to upload year by year leave balance data.

I don’t know is my way right or wrong, but it works.

Hi JayRam,

Firstly, thanks for your reply. I was trying this way but getting other issue probably at the columns of From date & To date formats, ermsg (argument of type ‘datetime.datetime’ is not iterable), still to find out the way to overcome this issue.

Thanks for your reply. I have tried this method and worked out for me as I tested with some sample data. Of course this a little lengthy process as I need create no, of leave periods and assign to leave allocations to get the balance as of today. But, it works. Thanks.

Hello Brother,

I am facing an issue where the unused leaves are not updating to the next period though i enabled ‘Add unused leaves from previous allocations’ and hence the total leave allocated not getting updated with previous balance.

Where would have gone wrong?

The steps I used to upload the data
step 1: for the year 2017

step 2: for the year 2018

I think problem in leave type setup. if share details about this problem than I try to resolved it.

Please find leave type below:

Please met me know

Leave Period is created as

  1. 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2017
  2. 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018

Leave policy created and linked to the checking employee

I’ve been using ERPNext for a few months and I think sometimes it seems they complicate things that should be straight forward.

It shouldn’t be difficult to enter opening leave balances for a new HR module implementation