Updating name of items in Bill Of Materials after updating item name

Is there a possibility to update the naming of items in the BOM after updating the items master?

E.g. after a typo or missing some details I would like to be able to update these items.

Would it otherwise be possible to do it on the MYSQL side with a select update query?

Yep, you will have to use a MySQL query. Easiest could be to redo the BOM. Which is a pain if you have a hierarchical BOM.

Not sure about the impact of the SQL Query and if you end up making a mistake. Not much I think, but you should check if making an entry using a BOM, the item names are fetched from the item master for the underlying item code. Or if the item names are fetched from the BOM. It’s probably not a problem.

The MySQL Query would be a tad complicated as the Item Names might appear in multiple BOMs and also in multiple places - Exploded BOM and the immediate BOM.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks JayRam. I will give it a try in my development environment and see if/how it works. Will revert back might someone end up in this topic with a similar question.