Updating Nginx to latest version Casue site to show nigix welcome page

my site was dropping every while and I has to use `bench setup Nginx and overwrite the previous conf to make it work again, but after a while, it stops again, and so on.

I decided to upgrade Nginx to the latest stable version which is 1.25, the old one was 1.18
after the upgrade, the site is showing Nginx welcome page.

I tried
bench restart
bench setup nginx
bench use “my site”

all failed, any clue?

i reinstall the production configuration with this command sudo bench setup production [frappe-user]

it works again but the original problem still persists, which is the site keeps downing every while
please help

If you do an OS update you will normally be prompted about whether to overwrite the nginx.conf file. If you choose to keep your version, this shouldn’t happen again, but if you use the package maintainer file, your settings will be overwritten

yes, i overwritten the old configuration, which caused the Nginx page to show, but when re-run the production command things back normally.

The problem that I’m facing, is due the erpnext is blocking my IP connection, so when using another network I can connect to the site,
i will still make a deep analysis of why this is happening, I’m suspecting Fail2ban, is blocking me,
but not sure why this is the case.

I’ll update the post when resolving the issue