Updating one field , based on selection of another field


ERPNext: v12.28.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.25.0 (version-12)

I have actually achieved my goal, but I would like to just understand…

My goal was… ( On the “Fees” form )

Based on the selection of “Student Group” I wanted to have the “Course” field
updated automatically. I achieved this with a little cllient script…
(“Student Group” and “Course” are fields I added)

And this is what my customized-form looks like …

I also tried achieving this by using the “Fetch From” window in the
field-customization-windows and entering “select_student_group.course”. (see below)
But this did not work and my reasoning is that the “Fetch From” is only triggered
when the form is rendered and at that stage the “Select Student Group” is empty.

Is my reasoning correct about the “Fetch From” window in a field-customization. ?

Hii @johnlongland,

Only add student_group.course then check it.


Thank you @NCP !

Let me give this a try ! I shall revert