Updating print formats packaged with an app?

Hi all.
I’m trying to update a print format with the following code snippit in a custom html section.

{{ int(row.qty) if row.qty.is_integer() else row.qty }}

The print format is set standard to yes and custom to no. I’m using print format builder and inserting custom html sections as needed to customize.
The print format is set to my custom app so i can update it using git for version control.
The problem is that erpnext isn’t allowing me to update the custom html sections because of standard being set to yes. I thought i would go and update the .json file that was created with the print format and that would insert the code snippit as needed but i can’t figure out how to make those changes actually import. Bench migrate and bench build don’t do anything. I also tried clear-cache and restart.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?