Updating Sales Order

Hi All,

I’m just wondering if anyone has any recommendation on how to deal with below situation:

  • How would you update the item code without cancelling a sales order. The reason it can’t be cancelled is because a sales order maybe partially invoiced already, cancelling the sales order means you have to cancel the sales invoice which means that if you already sent the invoice to the customer you might have to reissue the invoice which is not always possible because the customer might have already processed the invoice

Hi Dan,

How about you use a bit of scripting and build a button that goes Cancel SO and Make new SO for Pending Quantity. Just Click on that Button and change away your Item Code or anything else.

But no, you cannot change the Item Code I think. Did you try Update Items? That only lets you change quantity and unit prices of the item. It does not let you change the items, I guess.

Hope this helps.



If you mean Item Code, it can be updated even if it is linked to multiple documents. You can see the changes in the documents after updating.

If you mean Item Name, it can be updated only in Item Master but it cannot be updated in the already linked documents. The new name will be fetched in the new docs.