Updating Specific Fields of a Variant When the Template Changes

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a challenge and hope to get some advice from this community. In our system, we work with variants based on a template. When the template is modified, certain fields of the variants should be updated while other fields should remain unchanged. I’m looking for an efficient way to achieve this.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the scenario:

  1. Template Changes: The template contains multiple fields that are periodically updated.
  2. Variant: Variants are based on this template and inherit its fields.
  3. Selective Update: When the template is changed, only selected fields in the variants should be updated. Other fields that have specific values or have been customized should not be overwritten.

Has anyone dealt with a similar problem or can recommend specific tools or methods that have proven effective in practice? I’m especially interested in automation approaches that still provide enough flexibility to prevent specific field changes.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

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This is an interesting challenge. Have you tried using attributes? Can you create an attribute like “ItemDescription”? Then this field wont get its value from the template.

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