Updating through import not noticing new informations

Hi there, I recently imported all my custommers and now i want to update the information with a new import, so i filled out the excel import sheet and added sales teams and sales persons to all custommers, but when i hit import it simply says “ignored row, no new information” despite having added all the sales persons to each custommer. Not really sure what to do, and i dont think deleting all custommers and reimporting will work, as most custommers are assigned to invoices and orders already.

Any ideas how i could import this new info ?

In this case, you are over-writing values in the existing items. It means, you should also update value in the “name” column (generally column B).

And when importing excel file, ensure to check field “Update only, do not insert new records.”

For the ease of data entry, you can also choose to download new template, but With (exisiting customers) Data.

Hope this helps.

Yes i managed in the end, doing exactly what you said,

I first exported and then inputted the new informations in the exported file.

For some reasons that was just fine and it noticed the new informations this time around.
(i was using the original file i used for importing when i was having the issue.)

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