Updating to 7 - just a "bench update"?

just wondering whether upgrading ERPNext 6 to 7 will be just as simple as a bench update or is there more magic involved somewhat?

@vrms i think it would require bench update --upgrade


Is it already official released? if not, when will it be?


@bzero It’s not officially released yet.

You can take a sneak peek by going to ERPNext Beta however, it’s not very stable.

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thanks @vjFaLk
Any ETA for released date? :slight_smile:

@bzero “some time in May” is the latest I heard in the topic about “Fixed Asset Depreciation”

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@vrms @bzero

This is top secret information!

Top. Secret.

Tell no one. Or else I might have to kill you :knife:

It’s indeed somewhere in May.


for sure, i keep it in secret.