Updating to current 4.x.x

My frappe build has laid dormant for a few months without updates. I want to stay against v4 because of my custom app, but move to the end of the v4.x.x branch, running any necessary patches
currently, my copy of frappe is pointed against the development branch:

$ git branch -v
* develop     03b6fd7 Merge pull request #1004 from pdvyas/lang

I’m not too familiar with the workings of the bench tool, and I’m worried if I just call update it will update to the current head of development which I assume is v5 now.

Beyond simply fetching and checking out v4.x.x manually What is the recommended way to switch to the v4.x.x branch in a way that will be friendly to the bench tool so patches will run?

  • Step 0: Take backup
  • Step 1: Update the bench tool
cd ~/bench-repo
git pull
  • Step 2: Switch to v4
bench switch-to-v4
  • Step 3:
bench  update

PS: We’re no longer supporting v4


Thanks for the help