Upgrade ERPNext V10 to V13

Hello everyone,

Our company is looking for a 3rd party to upgrade our ERP Next version from v10.1.31 to the current v13. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

Do you have any custom app, custom fields, custom doctype, custom report ?
if No, it can be strait forward, if yes it can be tricky and need to be tested and retested after de migration success on test server

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We have a few custom fields and print pages, but that’s about it. I am the only one running our system and I only know very basic customizations that are included in the manual.

Where your ERPNext is hosted ? On a server (like VPS) with SSH root access from internet ?
It’s the only requirement to proceed next.
Basically when I have to upgrade ERPNext, I create a test environment with let’s say version-13 fresh install, so probably needed to install another bench and setup your Zone DNS with the new URL (I pass on certbot stuff it’s a another requirement).
I make a backup of database from production environment with bench command, copy/rsync file private and private from production to test environment. Still with bench command I Import the database, and “bench update” command, if everything go OK you’r “In”, if not it’s time to debug and investigate error message during update process.

Thanks for the info. It is hosted on Amazon’s cloud service. Unfortunately, the rest is all over my head, which is why we’re looking to hire someone to update it. Our engineers are backed up on current projects and cannot take the time to update. If you are interested or know someone, please email me at arice@wahsega.com.