Upgrade from V 10 (issues and approaches)

I have an v.10 running on Ubuntu 14.04 on a physical server. I am moving it to Azure with a Bitnami image (ubuntu 20 and Erpnext 14).

I understand I have to upgrade from v.10 to 11, then 12, 13, 14. To do so, I have backed up the physical server and created a VM on my on-prem hyperv host. ERPnext runs fine on the VM.

I have tried to upgrade from V.10 to V11, got some errors. Restored from the backup and then tried upgrade the OS from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. There were all kinds of error messages on either upgrade. I have spent the last two days looking through forum and google to find fixes.

Although it seems like a straight forward bench update, it is not. There is no custom code or configuration of the ERPnext. And it has a very small database. The VM size is about 8GB. What is a better approach? keep trying to upgrade on the same vm or build a 16.04 (or later) frappe bench environment, then restore backup from v.10, then try upgrading from there. At lease I will have the updated OS to build upon. The only concern is that the later Ubuntu has later python version that might not work with v.10. Any recommendation or point is welcome.

this has been asked here and answered accordingly.

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I’ve tried to upgrade from V10 to V11 in the past but gave up after several errors. The time has come that I would like to upgrade to a recent version, As in V14 or V15. I thought I give Frappe Cloud a try and just uploaded a backup of my V10 installation to the restore from back up step in the installation program for V13 on Frappe Cloud. To my surprise, the Migrate command run without any issues and V13 seems to be running fine. I’ve also upgraded this V13 install to V14 and V15 and all went without any issues (In all cases I left the “skip-failing” option unchecked).

I know normally you should upgrade to the next version without skipping a major release, but I want to avoid having to install a V11 and V12 somewhere only to be able to upgrade the database to the next version (Remembering the hard time I had only to install V10 back then).

Looking at the output of the migrate script on Frappe Cloud I also noticed some patches for V11 an V12 (although I was installing V13) Does this explain why it upgrades without any issues? Does Frappe Cloud do something different compared to a manual installation of ERPNext?

Any thoughts on this?


  • Did you do upgrade from V10 to V14 it trough Frappe Cloud as well and did you encounter any issues?
  • Did you upgrade straigth from V10 to V14 or did you upgrade first to V11, V12, and V13?

The only issue I discovered so far is that the Connections and Activity heatmap under the Dashboard tab are empty for the Customer DOCTYPE. For Suppliers, the Activity heatmap is empty as well, but fortunately the Connections do show up.

Any idea why this is happening?

I followed this. Some patches required execution manually and it was done successfully.