Migrate Version 10 on physical server Ubuntu 14.04LTS to Azure VM newer version of ERPnext

Hi, I have an old installation of ERPnext V.10 on a physical Server running Ubuntu 14.04. I am trying upgrade and migrate it to Azure. I am debate of the following options:

  1. backup the server, then upgrade Ubuntu on the physical server, upgrade ERPnext to either 13 or 14,
    backup ERPNext and restore it to Azure VM.

  2. backup EPRNext and restore it to Azure VM running 22.04. (probably will get a lot of errors due to the versions difference of dependecies)

  3. New installation of EPRnext on Azure VM, export data from current v.10 and import it to the newer ERPNext. What I need is just the customer and inventory data. And it has very small database.

Has anyone done something similar and could share some experience? Thank you in advance.

@jpstonepc You cannot hop from v10 straight to v14. You have to move from one version 10 another. I was able to upgrade from v9 to 14 in this order v9 → v10 → v11 → v13 → v14. This is also because with every version, the environment, dependencies and packages changed as well as various changes of the database schema. So in order to ensure your database receives all the patches released for each version release, you have to upgrade in sequence.

It’s hard work especially if don’t have the requisite skills or don’t know how to search for answers to challenges but that’s the only way to move from one version to another.


I wasn’t aware that you can bypass v12 - good to know. Thanks!

If this is the case then Install fresh V14 and use Data Export from V10 and Data Import to V!4.

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Is there a way to export the entire site instead of each doctype individualy and import it to the new site?

Install the same version on New Server then restore the existing site backup then start the upgrade from 10>11>12>13>14.

Hi I am wondering if you could take a look at this seperate post in regard to the issues and errors that I have been having while trying to update from V.10 to 11. I have been looking at github and this forum and searching for possible fixes. Thank you in advance.

It doesn’t seem like at this point, it is possible to install Bench on Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04. Python2.7 is outdated. Pip version is too old and upgrade is impossible.