Upgrade from v13 to v14 Print Format doesn't show Letter Head anymore

Had a basic HTML print format, with image, and text (basic html) for Letter Head, and was working fine in v13 for over a year.

Recently moved to self-hosted and upgrade to v14… and successfully migrated from v13 to v14, everything works except Letter Heads no longer visible in PDF, they are visible if I print but I don’t use print to pdf because alignment differs from computer to computer.

I thought it was issue with my letterheads, so create a new one… found out no matter what letterhead or Print Format I use letterheads won’t print in PDF.

Assumed it could be print settings, so played with Print Settinga and also tried changing Print Styles no matter what I do, PDF won’t have letter heads.

What am I missing?


What is your wkhtmltopdf version and OS ??

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wkhtmltopdf version is latest 0.12.6-2
OS : Ubuntu 22.04 (latest)

I don’t think that is the issue, I have the same issue with dev & production.

I can use the beta print format builder, and the letter head shows up there, but that doesn’t suit my print formats.

This may be related, Letter Head Printing in PDF Issue · Issue #33428 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub but there is no solution around.

Any Update on this?

Really appreciated. I am so blocked.

Any one? Any Help?