Upgrade from v4 to v5


We would like to upgrade from v4 to v5 and bench update --upgrade seems to create a bunch of issues. It takes me down a rabbit hole where I try to fix error after error. I do not want to jump to v8 right away (I believe this is pretty much impossible as for example how the db and commands has changed), so I’m trying to take one release at a time. I may add that we’re self-hosting our site.

How can I do this properly?

We currently have:

ERPNext: v4.25.7
Frappe Framework: v4.14.3
Shopping Cart: v0.7.0

Thankful for any help.

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@Prospero the way to do this would be to checkout one major release at at time. If you try and run bench upgrade on the lastest release, it is bound to fail.

Ideally this should be how the upgrade command works, but since we have so few people going forward from v4, it is hard to build it this way.

You may also have to take a few educated guesses on how things work. If you are not a developer yourself, I would recommend getting in touch with someone from the community


Do you have any changes in core ERPNext or frappe repository.
If there is not any changes, then you can easily update.

  1. Install ERPNext latest version on local machine
  2. Take backup and restore backup in local machine
  3. Run bench migrate command

If there is any patch failing, post output here.

If there is any changes in core file, then you need to re-appy that changes in updated version.

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