Upgrade JQuery and Bootstrap

Hi Everyone

We run some security checks against our Frappe custom app, and we found 2 vulnerabilities related to the current version of Jquery and Bootstrap used by Frappe.
Jquery version: 2.2.4
Bootstrap version: 4.0.0

IS there any plans to upgrades to more recent versions of these libraries in the near future?
If not, is there a way to override them using our custom app, without changing Frappe code?


Some references of the vulnerabilities:

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What versions do npm search jquery and npm search bootstrap report?

npm search jquery
jquery: 3.6.0

npm search bootstrap
bootstrap: 5.1.3

cc @surajshetty @shariquerik

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im interested in this too

Hi dears
Any advice please?

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Hi everyone,
I am also need JQuery latest version please advice.