Upgrade Mess - RED ALERT

Dear All,
I am running bench 6 on a busy system, and, after some horrible experience with a previous upgraqde that made me enter all data manually again, decided to upgrade. WHAT A BLODDY MESS, AGAIN!!!
Guys, if you do not get it right to upgrade smoothly an ERP system, where data are of eminent value, then ERPNext has no right to be called an ERP, but it is nothing but a toy.
There are no standard operating procedures for minor or major version upgrading, documentation consists of bits of (more or less desperate) user contributions, and it essentially does not work.
I love ERPNext’s concept, GUI and what-not, but what yoiu are doing is like developing a smart-looking IT system, without decent backups.
With all respect, and especially all respect to your hard work, DO GET THIS IN ORDER. NOW.
I am angry, frustrated and shocked that this issue has carried through several generations of this otherwise software. Ever heard of Tryton? Upgrades are as smooth as silk. You can do the same, and as a responsible coordinator of development efforts, it is your (at least ethical) duty to provide clear, working, well tested upgrade paths. Unless you want to go down the drain like Odoo.
A VERY frustrated, competent and angry ERPNext user.

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Whenever I am upgrading, the first thing I do is take a snapshot of my entire server
(We use Digital ocean)

Then create an additional server using the snapshot and attempt the upgrade in newly created server.

Solve all issues and test all major functionality in new server.

Only then I upgrade production.

Before upgrade, you have to make sure there is a way to rollback.


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While ERPNext is not perfect in upgrades, there has been significant improvement lately. There are also mitigation strategies to deal with any downsides.

  1. Follow best practices for updating an ERP - that’s on you, not anyone else. @Basawaraj_Savalagi has documented a good process to follow.
  2. This thread not a useful thread. What is the issue you encountered? What are the steps you took? What are the error messages?

Do you have a contract with anyone? Are you paying for support? No one has a “duty” in any way shape or form if that’s not the case. If you do have a support contract with someone, work with them on this.

There is no respect demonstrated in this post, at all. You’re more likely to get help by being polite.

I’m closing this thread since it’s practically trolling. OP - if you desire, please open a new thread with actual facts/details to figure out the issue and less vitriol.