Upgrade safe turunaround to use Auto Name for Patient Naming instead of Naming Series

Created Issue to give option for Auto Name for Patient Naming in Healthcare Setting

What is the need of enabling autoname for patient? Is it useful in any of your workflows?

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If one wants to use other options available for AutoName ( based on filed name etc) for Patient instead of Naming Series, and to achieve this one can set one of the options available for auto naming and ERPNext allows it. However this could not reflect as in Healthcare Setting , there is no choice to change Patient Naming accordingly. So one have to use Naming Series only.When one do not want to use Naming Series , if we hide the filed , it should hide also and we can patient name as per auto naming setting. We want to shift from Naming Series to other format options for naming available in customize form.

Hope it clear to @ChillarAnand else I will record the video and share

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It’s intended to be the same as Customer naming as in Selling settings - basically the same right?

In Healthcare setting , I was seeking attention to facilitate naming patient by auto name too which is done for customer .


Is there any update here ? Can I now use Autoname for patient records ? It doesn’t seem to be working in version 14