Upgrade through multiple versions

I have a server still on version 10 and need to upgrade and patch through to version 13. Do I need to do 11 first, then, 12 then 13, or is there an upgrade path directly to 13 from 10?

I’m of course mostly concerned about the data and schema correctly patching.

If there is a way but it is not simply automatic, kindly post a complete set of commands and mention any thing I should check/watch out for - will be much appreciated.

The DB on this server contains many added custom fields (added via normal document customization interface), but the ERPNext app is quite vanilla, no code changes.
This is a production Server.

You can directly upgrade from version 10 to 13. Patches will take care of the schema changes and data migration. If you are concerned about the data on production server you can take the latest backup of the data and upgrade first on local or staging server.