Upgrade version and move to private bench

Hi all
I have my site in frappe.cloud. I’m planning to upgrade from version 14 to version 15. I also need to enable server scripts. This is a live site and the entire organisation is using so I don’t want to loose data or time in resolving issues if any, therefore reaching out here. Current plan is 2k/month. I also would like to know the cost of site in private bench, last I checked it is also 2k/month.
What I understand is:
Step 1: I will first create a private bench in frappe.cloud in version 14, restore backup from public bench site to private bench site.
Step 2: check if everything is working.
Step 3: Upgrade from v14 to v15 in private bench.
Step 4: Ask frappe support to enable server scripts.

Is this possible? Please guide. If someone can share the steps then it will be great.