Upgrading ERPNext from V7 to V10

Hi, our client is running V7 on which we have done heavy customization. In this version periodic invoicing is not available. We would like to give this feature to the client without upgrading to V10 as we are afraid that the customization will break. Is there anyway we can add this function on the current version (V7)?

Secondly, how to auto enable customer name is Arabic. Tried in my V10 my inputting customer name in English but the Arabic section remained blank. Is this to be manually added or there is way of auto-fill once name is entered in English.

Thank you for the support as usual

Hi Muzzy…I’d recommend going thru the source code and implement the periodic (recurring) invoicing feature…Or setup a dev server, upgrade and test your customizations before going live.

Anyways…There’s no effortless solution to your conundrum…You’ll have to pick your poison.

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This is what happens when you don’t contribute your features :thinking:

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@rmehta when I say customization I mean form view and layout. Nothing that would help others. And yes I have contributed individually twice on bounties of warehouse and pos.