Upgrading from V13 to V14

Hi all. Per the title, I’m trying to upgrade to version 14 with an existing site. To test I’m running a virtual server with a backup of the data from my live site. Before switching branches, I make sure to run an update. After the update, I switch branches and all goes well up until bench gets to the point of rebuilding the index, at which point it comes up with this error: frappe.exceptions.LinkValidationError: Could not find Module: Hub Node. Checking the tabModule Def table, I can confirm that the Hub Node module was deleted.

Does anyone have any idea as to how I can resolve this? Thanks in advance!

You need to do a bench patch or migrate to sync the DB schemas.
I prefer to use
bench update --reset
but there are other methods that also work

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I had already tried both of those and they both resulted in that same validation error.

What OS and versions are you currently running?
Have you successfully installed a v14 instance that IS working on the VM (before you try to import v13 data)

I did have it working with just Frappe and ERPNext on Version 14 without data. Having seen that the VM was working with that version, I restored to a snapshot of the VM with Version 13 and restored a backup of my production site (using bench restore). I did also install my custom application. Now I would expect the upgrade to fail with my custom since I haven’t done all of the changes from the migration guide yet however, I wouldn’t expect the error that I’m experiencing regarding the Hub Node module since my code does not reference it or any of its DocTypes at all, nor was it used in my production site.

Do you think it would be better to do a clean installation with Version 14, then do a forced restore with the production data followed by an upgrade?

I also struggled to do an upgrade from 13->14, so did exactly as you say here… fresh v14, the forced restore and migrate/patch

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Ah, I see. I did end up doing it that way, but I still got the same error when doing the migration. I have however found the cause of the issue and remedied it- one of my team members that left a while ago had set the module for our website theme to Hub Node hence it being referenced. I had to a database dump and a good ol’ CTRL+f to find it. Remedied it with an update query.

Now to follow the migration guide so that my custom code stops bugging out the forms… yay.

Thanks for your help!