Upgrading to Python 2.7 => 3

Has anybody tried to upgrade to Python 3 from 2.7 for ERPNext. If so, please share a guide!


Thanks for the link, but it specifically shows to do this for V10 and for also they said not to use in Production Mode.

But thanks to your link, I started digging and someone mentioned in one fo the posts that V12 is already Python 3 ready. I am currently using V12, should I just update my PIP or are there other steps to go through?


use the bench migrate-env command mentioned in the post.

The post was made in 2018 when v10 was the stable version. Version 12 runs only on Python 3 as far as I know.

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Not true. I am running v12 on Python 2.7 because updating to python 3 - completely breaks erpnext.

Correct, conversion break the erpnext.
My suggestion is to make new fresh server with python 3 and V12 and make restore the data.

That is worked for me.

Looking at this option as well :slight_smile:

Just need the right person to do it.

Sorry, please, can you recommend the safe algorithm to do this?
I am not a great master in this - I installed the VM and it works for 3 years, but can’t update it any more - a lot of errors…

Take a back up 1st

Install V12 in a new server

upload the backup file

then restore it

here is the guide