Upgrading to v14 for a Dockerized deployement

Hi All,
I’m new to erpnext and frappe and had setup a dockerized single server deployment based on instructions found here. My site uses the healthcare module, wondering if there are any instructions on upgrading an existing site to v14 (while preserving existing site data.). Would appreciate any help/directions to some documentation around this

Build your custom images with required apps and upgrade. Here are my images with ERPNext and India Compliance castlecraft / CEPL ERPNext Images · GitLab. I use accounting and book keeping features with basic India GST.

14.0.2 has not worked because it used frappe v14.4.2, I faced Error during migration: PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'build.json' · Issue #17948 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

ERPNext 14.0.2 with Frappe 14.4.3 should work.

migration will be:

bench --site $SITE migrate
# It will fail.
bench --site $SITE install-app payments
bench --site $SITE install-app india_compliance
bench --site $SITE migrate

replace $SITE with site name or set it in environment variable SITE.

I tried installing apps first then run migrate, there was some error with custom field while installing payments app.