Upload a Bank Statement

Is there any open source/API to import bank statement and tag against income/expense of fixed asset?

We are looking this feature to auto calculate expense, income and track invoices payment.

Hi Kolate,

I’m not aware of any but I know how it works from the business end and have started something in it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on it. If you’re disposed, we can work on this together. Let me know.


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I have spent some time on this as well, but haven’t managed to find any open/free APIs. I am trying to approach this in two phases

  1. Download the bank statement in csv format and use the transaction entries to auto calculate expense, purchase and sales invoice payment
  2. Find some opensource APIs to get the bank transactions in the format needed for (1)

(1) is an interesting problem and needs a good design to keep it generic and robust. Since there are many people interested in this, it would be worth doing this as a community feature.

@Chude_Osiegbu @spoojary
I have seen some software directly import bank statement and tag against income/expense.

We can build solution to import csv, do you have any mockup of design?

I have a part-timer looking at this, but don’t have a concrete design yet. I will try to provide one in a day or two. Tally has a similar feature(- YouTube), and I think it will be on the similar lines.

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I plan to work on this over next couple of days and here is the high level design:

  1. Provide a doctype for mapping the fields from bank statement to a generic format (Date, Description, debit/credit amount, Reference). Since the statement format varies between the banks, we will use this doctype to standardise them for our needs.

  2. Provide another doctype for uploading the statement and automatically mapping it to party invoices. Some of the statement entries may not map directly to a party, so make use of the earlier doctype to save those mappings for future uploads. This means, we may have to manually map some of the transactions first time. However we will save those mappings, making the future mappings hopefully easier.

Help Needed:

  1. Automated test writing. I haven’t done this so far and don’t really have the bandwidth. I will define what tests I need. I would really appreciate if someone could help in writing those.
  2. Design/Code review