Upload any excelsheet to ERPNext and integrate it to BOQ

I have a requirement to upload any type of excel document(There are 4-5 such excel sheet formats) to the system. This document is a manual BOQ format from client. This document should get uploaded as it is on screen and in that there should get extra columns generated in the system which will be integrated with Item listing from ERPnext. So that a person should be able to select item from ERPnext against each row and on selection of item , the item’s price and rest of the details should be fetched from Item master and added to that excel sheet. One should be able to download this document with these added values. I see upload is doable using Openpyxl but not sure about how to integrate it with Item master .


  1. You can try to create a custom doc type based on the excel sheet you want to upload
  2. After that you can use Data Import Tool to import the file.