Upload Attendance Problem


I have a problem here. I customize Attendance form, to include Time In and Time Out for the staff attendance.

The problem is my HR prefer to upload the attendance in bulk, so the Uplaod Attendance is not including the new created Time In and Time Out field. How to include them?

If you are using V6.xx.xx, I’m assuming you have followed this steps:

  • You have added Time In and Time Out in attendance form type.

  • Checked list view and uncheck report hide.

  • Updated attendance form.

  • Exported blank templates for bulk import.


I added the Time In and Time Out, I checked list view and the Report Hide is already unchecked. I updated the form, but still when I want to upload Attendance Form, the template does not include the Time In and Time Out

Goto Data Import Tool. The Attendance Import tool is meant only for standard fields. On data import tool select the attendance table and download blank format and then do the import.

Search for the docs in erpnext always.


The data import tool is in Setup menu. I don’t give the Setup menu to all users, including the HR managers. Besides, why I have to go to Data Import Tool when there is Upload Attendance function in HR module?

go to ssh and do the following:

bench migrate
bench update

but first you have to take a db backup in case anything breaks…

explanation to why its not yet included in your excel file that you download is:

you did add it via the GUI and it works great but your modifications is not actually 100% in the system and is only written in cached way until you migrate your site.

upon migration the system will write the python files and write the sql queries to implement your new data.