Upload Bulk Data

I am uploading bulk data (Item list).

I have received the following error while uploading the data “Item Tax Row 1 must have account of type Tax or Income or Expense or Chargeable”

I am note sure how to fix this error.

How do I get the Item Tax Code ? for uploading the data (item list).

The codes are computer generated & this code is not identical for same tax.

Ex. “4f6e03de2c” — INPUT VAT - CTR BLR — 5.5
“f2350ec4af” — INPUT VAT - CTR BLR —5.5
“6d6986a9a8” — INPUT VAT - CTR BLR —5.5

The above listed data sample is downloaded from the manually created item.


Each Accounting ledger has a distinct type, like Bank account, Income, Expense Account etc. Error message indicate that Account/ledger specified in the tax table of an item doesn’t have one of the required Account Type. To know Account Type, check Account master which you are updating for an Item. You can check Account master from Chart of Account.

Accounts >> Chart of Account