Upload Resuming on ERPNext

I like the file upload management system as is. It works great. On some ocasions, uploading a large .zip to import, might be cut off due to network issues. I think that analogous to download managers such as GetRight, Folx and such others, ERPNext should incorporate, server side, an upload manager. It’s main feature would be to record file metadata when uploading, so that if it gets cut off due to network issues or simply having to stop your work session due to a serious interruption, when you try to re-upload your file, it detects that this file is the same file due to the metadata, and have it “resume” the upload accordingly.

This can also help for those users who have limited data plans, where each bit transmitted costs money.

Is this functioning in the background already?
What do you think about adding this feature?

GitHub issue #12528