Uploading image on Contacts not showing

Hi There,

I have tried uploading image in our contacts, but unfortunately, the image is not showing even the file has already been attached.
I have also tried adding new contact and the same time uploaded the image and it shows…
What could be the issue there?

Currently, we are on ERPNext: v7.2.19 Frappe Framework: v7.2.15
But I ven tried with the latest demo version and i am having the same issue.

When i attached image to previously added contacts, the image does not appear, but when tried uploading for newly added contact it is showing.
Can anyone please help me with this?
Thank you…

I report this issue before , but some one close it immediately and they don’t understand what’s problem .
[BUG] there is problem to attached contact picture · Issue #7707 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


attached below are the screenshots in the DEMO for reference:




I maybe stating the obvious, but adding the attachment is not enough to have the picture load in the profile box. You actually need to link the attached file to the profile box

  1. Click profile box
  2. Click on the Select from existing attachments fields
  3. Select the file you’ve attached
  4. Click upload.

The profile image should appear after you have done that. Again I maybe stating the obvious but sometimes we do overlook things :slight_smile:


i have done that in both cases…

Are both cases on different servers or different Instances since one is on Demo and where is the other case?

both on demo…


Thanks for reporting the issue here. I can replicate the issue in demo.erpnext.com

We will fix this and update.

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Thanks @ArundhatiS